Two-Factor Authentication

Security is at the heart of ReadyMind and we encourage users to enable two-factor authentication to enhance protection of your data. Two-factor authentication (2FA) is a mechanism to double-check your identity is legitimate. The intention is to provide stronger protection against unauthorised access to user accounts. When enabled, we generate an email with a unique code that must be used when logging in. 

To enable two-factor authentication:

  • From your ReadyMind account navigate to the Account tab
  • In Account Details under the security heading, toggle the switch to Enable two factor authentication. 

Each time you login an email will be sent to you to verify your identity. That way, even if someone has access to your password they won’t be able to access your data. 

At login, if you press “Remember me on this device” you will only be challenged with 2FA if you logout of ReadyMind. 

For more information about our encryption and security, see here.

To reset your password, see here.