Change the date of an assessment result

ReadyMind will automatically assign the date of the assessment result based on the day the assessment was submitted. However, there are some instances where changing the date might be helpful, including if you’re inputting data from a previously administered assessment. For example, a GP might complete a K10 on paper during the referral process, and […]

How to change my email address/username?

You can change the email address associated with your ReadyMind account. Note that your username for logging in is your email address.  Go to Account Select Account Details Under Email change your email address Click on Update Details Once you’ve updated your email address we’d suggest you logout of your ReadyMind account and then log […]

How to send out an anonymous client satisfaction survey?

If you want to send out a mass email survey to clients and maintain anonymity, you can use Dummy Client. You can obtain the URL link via Dummy Client and copy paste the link into your email inbox and send (eg. bcc) to your selected group of clients. 1. Go to Clients2. Select Dummy Client3. Click on Email […]

How do I export a graph into a GP letter?

Some assessments in ReadyMind include a visual representation of symptom changes over time. Sometimes it can be helpful to share these graphs with a GP or referring practitioner in the letters you write. Saving the images into your letter writing system is possible using the screenshot function on your computer to copy and then paste […]

How do I change or reset my password?

If you can’t login to your ReadyMind account and receive the message “Unable to sign in. Please check your account information and try again“, it will either be because your email address or password are incorrect. To resolve this, press Forgot Password and enter your email address. If the email address is associated with a ReadyMind […]

How to edit a client?

Being able to edit client details after creation will assist with new contact details as needed. The following steps will take you through how to update this information. 1. Go to Clients 2. Select your client   3. Click on Edit Client on the top right hand corner 4. From here you can edit your […]

How to add a client?

Below are the details for how to add a new client. The limit of how many clients you can add will be dependent on your plan. To check your limit for how many clients you can add, please check your plan and our pricing page for information. If you are looking to edit a client, […]

How to export assessment data in CSV?

ReadyMind offers the ability to export assessment data in a CSV format for your clients.  To receive CSV results via email as assessments get completed: 1. Go to Account2. Go to Data & Privacy 3. In the Data & Privacy, you will be able to select the preferences of psychometrics. Below this is a date […]

How do I delete a client?

Clients sometimes need to be deleted when they are no longer receiving assessments or coming to practice. If you are looking to edit a client’s information, you can find this information here 1. To delete a client, go to Clients on the top of your homepage2. Select your client3. Click on Edit Client 4. Click […]

How do I assign a client to a practitioner?

If you’re part of a practice account, each client is assigned to a different practitioner.  While Account Managers and Supervisors can see all clients within a practice, users with “Practitioner” level access can only see clients they add, or who are assigned to them.  You can share a client file with multiple Practitioners/users. Below is a […]