How do I log out of my account?

From the homepage of your account, the Log out button will be on the top right corner of your screen. Back to Support Related Articles

How do I graph results over time?

One of the most popular features in ReadyMind is the graphing of score histories. This is particularly helpful when showing clients the progress they have made over the course of treatment as the visual representation tends to be easily interpreted. Assessments designed to monitor psychological symptoms of clients will automatically graph results over time. If […]

How to share an assessment URL?

You can send an assessment to clients so they can complete the questionnaire remotely on their own device (e.g. phone or laptop). You can either email the assessment from within ReadyMind or share an assessment URL with a client, sending it to them via video conference chat, SMS, or your own email address. To do […]

How to email an assessment

Assessments can be emailed instantly from your device (laptop, tablet, smartphone) to the client’s own device so they can complete the assessment at home or in your waiting room. There are several ways to email an assessment on ReadyMind, either via the Assessments or Clients tab, or the Home tab. This page will show you how you […]

Schedule Assessments with Reoccurring Emails

To assist with routine outcome monitoring, assessments can be scheduled to be automatically emailed to clients on a weekly, monthly, etc basis. Clients can then complete the assessment at home in their own time and the results are sent back to the clinician. Scheduling regular assessments can help clients self-monitor their symptoms between sessions.  Many […]