InstantScripts ReadyMind User Guide - Prescribing Doctor

Watch the short training video above on how to get started with the ReadyMind system. You can view the written instructions below!

Typically the clinics will setup an assessment link and have clients fill in the screening assessment (the BDDQ-AS) before or as part of the consultation. As the prescribing doctor, it will be important for you to view the assessment results. 

View client assessment results

Step 1 – Account Log-In

Log in to your account at 

We recommend bookmarking this page so it is easy to return to. 

You can also view their results on your ReadyMind dashboard, or by searching for a Client’s name.

Or via the Clients tab

You will also be able view the clients’ assessment results, and open them. 

Interpreting the BDDQ-AS Report 

The BDDQ-AS report will tell you if your patient has screened positive or negative for body dysmorphic disorder (BDD).

It also provides some recommendations about how to proceed. For example, referring the patient for further assessment by a mental health professional.

As the prescribing doctor, you can discuss these results with your patient, and recommend referral if needed. 

For the most part, a prescribing doctor will only need to view results. However there may be circumstances where you would like to administer an assessment. For example, if the patient screens positive you might choose to give them a more comprehensive assessment, such as the Cosmetic Readiness Questionnaire. The below sections explain how you can administer an assessment. 


Administer questionnaires to patients  (OPTIONAL)

If a patient arrives at the clinic and has not completed the screening questionnaire, you can administer it to them there with two options:

Option 1) Email the questionnaire to the client to complete. 

a) From ReadyMind dashboard, click  ‘Email Assessment’. 

b) Click the icon in the top-left corner to add the client’s details, and then enter their name, DOB and email address. Click ‘Add Client’

c) Select the BDDQ-AS and ‘Send Email’.

d) Your patient will receive the assessment to their email and can complete it on their own device. 


Option 2: Generate a Link for Patients to Complete Screening (optional)

a) Click the ‘Generate Link’ option. 

b) Select ‘Respondent to enter own details’

c) Select the ‘BDDQ-AS: Body Dysmorphic Disorder Questionnaire – Aesthetic Surgery’ from the list of tests, and then click ‘Copy URL’

Step 3 – Paste the Link into an email, SMS or other message, and send it to the client.