Screening for cosmetic professionals to identify risk and enhance patient satisfaction

Body Dysmorphic Disorder Assessment

For Cosmetic Doctors – Surgeons, GPs, Dermatologists & 
Aesthetic Practitioners – Nurses, Dermal Therapists, Injectors & Dentists


Body Dysmorphic Disorder

Administer validated Body Dysmorphic Disorder assessment


Boost patient satisfaction by identifying their key motivations for cosmetic procedures


Identify psychological risks in prospective cosmetic patients by assessing their mindset with automated screening

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ReadyMind offers automated assessment software for practitioners to assess the psychological readiness of their cosmetic patients, to comply with screening guidelines. Our validated assessments identify psychological risks that impact patient’s ability to cope with aesthetic procedures.  We help nurses and doctors to understand patient mindset and provide guidance about the level of risk in proceeding with treatments.  

Services We Offer

Assessment Tools

We develop brief, automated assessment tools to help you understand your patient’s mindset and their readiness for cosmetic treatment.


We consult for cosmetic companies and professionals who would like input around the psychological aspects of their practice, or support in planning and execution of psychological research in the cosmetic industry.


We offer face-to-face and online courses on understanding patient psychology in the cosmetic industry, and how to take care of both the psychological and physical needs of your patients.


We regularly present at conferences, workshops and academic and industry forums about a range of topics related to cosmetic psychology and body image.

We know that each person starting their cosmetic treatment journey has unique goals, motivations and expectations.

With our assessment tools, we help you to understand your patient’s individual needs and personalise your consultation and recommendations to achieve the best outcomes.

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