Cosmetic Readiness Questionnaire

The Cosmetic Readiness Questionnaire is a tool designed for screening prospective cosmetic procedure clients for factors that might negatively impact their satisfaction with the treatment. 

The BDDQ-AS is designed to screen for body dysmorphic disorder as part of an informed consent process before a cosmetic procedure. 

The Cosmetic Procedure Screening Questionnaire is a brief self-report questionnaire designed to screen for the presence of body dysmorphic disorder before a cosmetic procedure or surgery.

Appearance Anxiety Inventory

The Appearance Anxiety Inventory is a brief self-report questionnaire assessing thoughts and behaviours associated with Body Dysmorphic Disorder and appearance anxiety.

Cosmetic Motivations Questionnaire

The Cosmetic Motivations Questionnaire is designed to help cosmetic professionals understand their patients core motivations and reasons for seeking cosmetic treatment.

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