Referring to a Psychologist for Cosmetic Assessment

Have you identified a psychological risk in a patient where you feel like they might need extra support in making the decision to get a cosmetic procedure or surgery? 

Cosmetic Readiness Assessments are conducted by clinical psychologist, Dr Toni Pikoos, who has an in-depth understanding of the benefits and challenges of cosmetic procedures. She has seen how cosmetic procedures can greatly enhance a patient’s psychological wellbeing and confidence, when a patient is motivated for the right reasons and in the best physical and emotional position to undertake a procedure. 

This video was filmed at Non-Surgical Symposium (NSS) in June 2023.

Dr Toni Pikoos regularly conducts these assessments. We have a team of psychologists ready to conduct Cosmetic Readiness Assessments for patients who wish to undergo cosmetic surgery or cosmetic procedures with immediate availability.

Our service is Australia wide, with assessments conducted online via telehealth.