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Dr Toni Pikoos delivers bespoke workshops, lectures and training sessions for organisations big and small, about all things related to the psychology of cosmetic procedures. 

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Screening for Body Dysmorphic Disorder and Other Psychiatric Conditions in Cosmetic Settings

Format: 20 minute conference recording

Cost: Free

This presentation is relevant for any cosmetic practitioner seeking to learn how to identify psychological risk factors for dissatisfaction. 


AHPRA Changes to Cosmetic Screening Requirements 

Format: 1 hour recorded webinar

Cost: Free

In 2023 new AHPRA guidelines came into effect for cosmetic procedures. Cosmetic practitioners are required to routinely screen for body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) as part of their consultation process. 

How Psychologists work with Cosmetic Doctors to Enhance Patient Outcomes

Format: 10 minute video

Cost: Free

Have you identifies that a prospective patient doesn’t currently have the right mindset for a cosmetic procedure? Learn how to refer to a psychologist who can conduct a thorough assessment and provide recommendations. 

Understanding and Interpreting the Cosmetic Readiness Questionnaire

Format: 8 minute video

Cost: Free

Learn how to interpret the results from the Cosmetic Readiness Questionnaire, including a description of low, medium and high risk patients.

AHPRA screening Guidelines for Cosmetic Procedures

Format: Recorded Webinar

Cost: Free

This training explores how medical practitioners administering both non-surgical and surgical cosmetic procedures can routinely screen for body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) as part of their consultation process. Dr Pikoos discusses patient’s motivations and expectations for procedures to ensure that they are realistic.