New Standards for Safety and Quality of Cosmetic Surgery Released

The Australian Commission of Safety and Quality in Healthcare has released their National Safety and Quality Cosmetic Surgery Standards for all services and facilities in Australia where cosmetic surgery is carried out.  What are these standards? These are expectations of every service where cosmetic surgery is carried out in Australia, to protect the public from […]

QR Codes for Assessments

QR codes are a convenient way for clients to take assessments on their smartphone. This guide will show you how to setup a QR code and make suggestions about integrating a QR code into your practice’s workflow. QR codes are ideal for in-clinic assessments with workflows such as: A practitioner can generate a QR code […]

How Snapchat dysmorphia is warping our beauty ideals

Written by Hayley Hinze and published in House of Wellness on 5th October 2023 While dog ears and flower crowns are cute, social media’s beauty filters can also fuel an unhealthy obsession – sometimes known as Snapchat dysmorphia. From poreless skin to plump lips, beauty filters bring instant perfection to every shot. Accessible on almost every social […]

Cosmetic Motivations Questionnaire (CMQ)

Cosmetic Motivations Questionnaire The Cosmetic Motivations Questionnaire (CMQ, Pikoos & Buchanan, 2022) is designed to help cosmetic professionals understand their patient’s core motivations and reasons for seeking cosmetic treatment. The questionnaire involves a list of 27 common motivations for seeking cosmetic treatment which has been developed through an extensive review of the literature, and motivations […]

Top Tips for Managing Difficult Conversations with Cosmetic Patients

So your patient has screened positive for body dysmorphic disorder (BDD), or in the red/high risk zone on the Cosmetic Readiness Questionnaire – NOW WHAT!? One of the challenges of the new Medical Board Guidelines is that they increase the need for cosmetic practitioners to have difficult conversations with their patients about their mental health […]

Instant Scripts ReadyMind User Guide

InstantScripts ReadyMind User Guide InstantScripts ReadyMind Portal Log-in Watch the short training video above on how to get started with the ReadyMind system. You can view the written instructions below! Setting up an Automatic Link to the BDD Questionnaire Step 1 – Account Log-In Log in to your account at  We recommend bookmarking this page […]

Cosmetic Procedure Screening (COPS) Questionnaire

Cosmetic Procedure Screening (COPS) Questionnaire The Cosmetic Procedure Screening Questionnaire (COPS) is a brief screening tool developed for cosmetic settings where a practitioner may wish to screen a patient for body dysmorphic disorder (BDD). Body Dysmorphic Disorder Validated for Cosmetic Screening 2 Minutes Administer Now Overview Scoring & Interpretation Scale Validation Overview The COPS includes […]

Do I need a validated screening tool for non-surgical cosmetic procedures?

Recent statements at the Non-Surgical Symposium have raised some questions about whether validated screening tools are actually needed before non-surgical cosmetic procedures. The Medical Board guidelines for non-surgical procedures state, “2.2 The medical practitioner who will perform the cosmetic procedure or prescribe the cosmetic injectable  must assess the patient for underlying psychological conditions such as […]

How ReadyMind Works

Get started with ReadyMind – A how to guide In the below video Dr Toni Pikoos runs through step-by-step instructions on how to get started with ReadyMind.

ReadyMind Frequently Asked Questions

Question and Answer with ReadyMind Co-Founder, Dr Toni Pikoos. I’ve been fielding lots of questions from cosmetic practitioners about how the AHPRA guidelines will effect them, and how to implement them. I’ve consulted with AHPRA and wanted to summaries some of the most common questions i’ve been hearing: QUESTION: Are the ReadyMind screening questionnaires validated? […]