I can’t add new clients?

Related Articles   Back to Support There are three main reasons why you may not be able to add new clients. It could be due to the account exceeding the limits of clients available on the plan. See here for details of plan tiers. Some users have experienced problems adding clients for technical reasons, where […]

How do I lock my iPad into ReadyMind to ensure security?

Apple has a feature called ‘Guided Access’ that allows you to temporarily restrict your iPad to a single app (i.e. ReadyMind). If you have activated Guided Access before you pass your iPad to a client to complete the assessment they will not be able to exit ReadyMind. Only you will be able to deactivate Guided […]

Device & Browser Compatibility (iPad, Android and Windows tablet)

You can access ReadyMind from your desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone, and it’s compatible with everything with a web browser – Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. To access ReadyMind you’ll require an internet connection and we recommend keeping your internet browser updated for an optimal experience. The majority of users access ReadyMind via their web […]

How do I log out of my account?

From the homepage of your account, the Log out button will be on the top right corner of your screen. Back to Support Related Articles

The ReadyMind iPad app isn’t working, how do I fix the app?

From time to time there may be a bug in the ReadyMind iPad app that stops it from working. The first thing to do in this instance is to completely exit the ReadyMind app. Here are the steps below. Hard exit the ReadyMind app For iPads with a home button (pre 2018), double tap the Home […]

When I try to login to the WebApp I get a blank screen or two forward slashes ( // )

Sometimes errors occur when a browser has cached an old version of ReadyMind and not updated it. Below are guides for how to clear your cache for major browsers, which allows the browser to then download a fresh and up-to-date version of ReadyMind. ChromeTo permanently clear cache in Chrome, see here. EdgeLogin to ReadyMind and […]

I can’t open test results within the Web Browser

Assessment result PDFs are opened in a new tab within the web browser. If you click the results but they do not open, your browser preferences may be set to have pop-ups blocked. To resolve this, click ‘Allow’ on the alert at the top of your browser which notifies you that a pop-up has been […]

ReadyMind isn’t working or I can’t see past results

This problem could be password related. If you’ve forgotten your login credentials you may need to reset your password. If the problem isn’t password related, read on. This page will help you resolve problems such as: Seeing a white blank screen when trying to login Not being able to see any of your past assessment […]