What time does scheduled assessments get sent out?

To assist with routine outcome monitoring, assessments can be scheduled to be sent out on a weekly, monthly, etc basis. You can find more information on how to do this here. The default time for scheduled assessments is 7am Australian Eastern Standard Time. Back to Support Related Articles

How long can I use ReadyMind for free?

ReadyMind currently only offers free subscriptions for practitioners in training (e.g., provisional psychologists). Alternatively, the pro plan annual offers the free trial for 15 days before the first charge. You can find more information about the available plans here Back to Support Related Articles

How to merge two ReadyMind accounts?

We’ve found that some users accidentally sign up to ReadyMind twice with two different email addresses and want to consolidate the two user accounts into one so that all the clients are in the one place. You’re in luck! You can do that with the following steps: Within the account that you would like to […]

How do I lock my iPad into ReadyMind to ensure security?

Apple has a feature called ‘Guided Access’ that allows you to temporarily restrict your iPad to a single app (i.e. ReadyMind). If you have activated Guided Access before you pass your iPad to a client to complete the assessment they will not be able to exit ReadyMind. Only you will be able to deactivate Guided […]

Device & Browser Compatibility (iPad, Android and Windows tablet)

You can access ReadyMind from your desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone, and it’s compatible with everything with a web browser – Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. To access ReadyMind you’ll require an internet connection and we recommend keeping your internet browser updated for an optimal experience. The majority of users access ReadyMind via their web […]

How to give us feedback?

Feedback is very important to us and we love to hear from all our customers. You can contact us and submit a question or feedback here.   Back to Support Related Articles

Do I need the internet to use ReadyMind?

ReadyMind will require the internet. This is needed for both the iPad app and WebApp (includes web browsers for Android tablets) to function. The WebApp and iPad app are most compatible with certain devices and browsers. To find this information regarding compatibility, please see here Back to Support Related Articles

What is ReadyMind’s privacy policy?

Our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy can be found on our website to view. You can find more information about these at the following: Terms and Conditions here Privacy Policy here   Back to Support Related Articles

What is the difference between an Account Manager, Supervisor and Practitioner?

Under ReadyMind’s Practice Plan, there are three types of role access each user can have: Account Manager (central account) Manage payments for ReadyMind Add and remove users (practitioners and supervisors) from the practice View all clients and assign to practitioners  Administer and view assessments for all clients Manage privacy settings Export data for all users/clients in […]

Can I add an assessment to ReadyMind?

You are welcome to email us a suggestion for adding an assessment. You can contact us here. Assessments are uploaded and programmed into ReadyMind according to demand from our users as well as copyright permission. There is an option of having some assessments fast-tracked if they are integral to your practice. Each assessment cost $500 […]