QR Codes for Assessments

QR codes are a convenient way for clients to take assessments on their smartphone. This guide will show you how to setup a QR code and make suggestions about integrating a QR code into your practice’s workflow. QR codes are ideal for in-clinic assessments with workflows such as: A practitioner can generate a QR code […]

How ReadyMind Works

Get started with ReadyMind – A how to guide In the below video Dr Toni Pikoos runs through step-by-step instructions on how to get started with ReadyMind. https://vimeo.com/834254647

Two-Factor Authentication

Security is at the heart of ReadyMind and we encourage users to enable two-factor authentication to enhance protection of your data. Two-factor authentication (2FA) is a mechanism to double-check your identity is legitimate. The intention is to provide stronger protection against unauthorised access to user accounts. When enabled, we generate an email with a unique […]

Organising Clients with Groups

Allocating your clients to groups can help keep your clients organized. Groups are useful if you want some users (practitioners) to have access to some groups of clients or if you’re analyzing outcome data on a group-specific level. If you’re part of a practice with multiple users (practitioners) you can use groups to make clients […]

Export and save result PDFs into practice management software

Saving ReadyMind test results onto your computer or practice management software can be helpful so you can retain a copy in your client file. All results are exportable as a PDF for easy upload to other systems.  To learn how to export raw data, click here. The below guide is using Google Chrome browser, other […]

How to share client access with another practitioner

Sometimes multiple users (clinicians)  might want access to the same client file. While Account Managers and Supervisors will have access to all client files, users with “Practitioner” level access will only be able to see clients that are assigned to them. To assign a patient to another user, an Account Manager and Supervisor can follow […]

Queue multiple assessment with test batteries

Sometimes clinicians have the same set of multiple questionnaires that they routinely administer. To streamline this process we created the Batteries feature so that you can save a list of assessments within your account.  For example, a user might choose to create an “Intake assessment” battery or a battery for “discharge” See the below steps […]

How to create customised email templates

Sometimes when you’re sending a client an assessment via email, you’ll want to modify the standard email text to better reflect how your practice works. Within ReadyMind you can save up to 5 email templates, using the below steps: 1. Go to Account2. Select Account Details3. Scroll down to find Email Templates4. Click on Create […]

Delete an assessment result from a client record

Occasionally, you might make a mistake and administer an assessment to the wrong client and want to delete the record of that assessment from the system. You can delete the record of the assessment with the below steps: 1. Go to Clients2. Select your Client3. Under Past Results, find the completed assessment that you want […]

Can I assign or merge an assessment to a different client?

Sometimes you might make a mistake and administer an assessment to the wrong client. If you do, don’t worry, you can reassign that instance of the assessment to the correct client.  This process is also how to merge two clients’ data.  1. Go to Clients2. Select your Client3. Under Past Results, find the completed assessment […]